Sunday, August 4, 2013

0 "Freethinking" Filipino Atheists

I frequently notice that these folks are starting to hold their meetups at places (just now at The Church of the Holy Trinity) that are built to serve religious purposes. I know that there are no laws or regulations banning them to do so but if one of these people get murdered in a place like this, I'd have a serious laughing fit. Just imagine a crowd of Christians conducting a bible study in a Mosque or stomping a cute puppy to death in front of a PETA headquarters- which I think is both perpetually as stupid as discussing things related to atheism in places of worship.

Why on earth would this group choose places like these to conduct meetups is beyond me. Well they are for one are making a statement but I feel that that statement is blatantly rude. I think that these acts are anything but respectful and are indirect assaults against fellow atheists, like me, who sincerely think that peaceful coexistence among communities with different beliefs and values is imperative above all. I also believe that this is not a positive example for other atheists who are still wet behind the ears.

This group, unfortunately, because of its fairly large membership will be a collective representation of atheists whether I like it or not. In a predominantly Catholic country, people are not used to being around an atheist so there might be a tendency that many would associate atheism with incivility. I would not like to be labeled or tagged sacrilegious just because some atheist choose to behave like this and if you're an atheist too, I also don't think that you would. So I am making a call to those people who participates and are planning to participate in these kinds of stuff:

Please reconsider your attendance.

"Freethinking" Filipino Atheists ~ SHOCKING TRUTHS