Wednesday, June 30, 2010

7 Vocabulary Sessions

Fugly (fŭgˈlē) - one who is fat and ugly.

"I have surmised that if you're fat.. or ugly.. or both- you have to be nice to other people. Because let's be honest, how else are you gonna attract people to you?"

Saturday, June 26, 2010

18 8 Symptoms of Severely Vain Behavior (SVB)

  1. You feel a constant necessity to take pictures of yourself everywhere.
  2. You think that any picture without your gorgeous face is missing something.
  3. Your storage drive has become a cesspool of pictures of your "gorgeous" face.
  4. You constantly brag about how strong and resilient your body is.
  5. You always feel a strong desire to share everything that's happening in your life.
  6. You believe that your emotions are to be prioritized over anybody else's.
  7. You strongly agree that there's no better person for any job than you.
  8. You expect to be the fulcrum of your and everybody's universe.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

14 Self-Supporting

Ok, here's how it goes for some losers at facebook: Some people post a shoutout, then comment niya, tapos like niya pa. Sobrang self-supporting. I wonder why these poor people just love broadcasting how desperate they are. For those people that will probably say to me na: "Eh di i-delete mo sila para hindi ka magwa-wa-wala dyan." I just want to point out that: Why the heck should I eliminate my daily dose of humour? Haha.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

14 Manila Tour, My Post Philippines Independence Day Post

"Huwag maging dayuhan sa sariling bansa."

Let me guide you to the streets of Manila. Over to your left is... Uhhh... Probably... Yep, the DIY (Do It Yourself) replica of  Malacanang Palace. Take your time and gaze upon these magnificent architectural wonders:

Heat is building up! This on the other hand, is a rare spectacle. You are very blessed to witness the "askal," the pet/livestock of the typical Filipino household, consummating in perfect form. Observe and reflect.

"Tangkilikin ang sariling atin." A hearsay which means patronize our own products. The fishball is truly Filipino cuisine's own pride and joy. Aside from being insanely affordable, it is very accessible. And it also comes with a free unlimited sauce, yum!

Multimedia Fan? Then the DVD shopping district in Arlegui, Quiapo will be a haven for you. They've almost got every title in the world there is- from children's programs to Hollywood action to erotica; This place will never fail to amuse you.

Goverment warning: Piracy is a crime. Not in the Philippines! Ha ha.

If 7 eleven and Ministop won't sell cigarettes and liquor to little children, these Sari-Sari stores would. AND THANK GOD FOR THIS SARI-SARI STORES, I didn't have to wait until 18 to buy my first Ginebra (Beer). They sell rugby too, supposedly intended for gluing things together. Supposedly.

There are plenty more neat stuff I would like to show you, however I need to cut our trip short because I need to dream about a hot babe making love to me now.

I have stolen these beautiful pictures from different websites. God bless.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

6 Roach Chronicles: Terrors of a Rattled Child

just Feeling Things out.

I hate roaches. Roaches are evil. It's not just because I am squeamish, it's because when a roach performs a perfect landing on your neck, you'd probably run around, flail your arms, and scream like hell.

     roaches - 1
     aris - 0

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

0 Automatons

Has your life been under routine this entire time? Probably yes. This is because most of us believe in regularity. Most of us were taught that regularity is good; we lived by it; we thought it is better than ideal. It makes us feel that time can be tamed for most of the part. Regularity is what makes the world 'even' as much as possible. This world is overrun by regularity and that fact will last forever.

Many people thought that they have succeeded in their lives because they followed a specific pattern. A pattern in which everybody thinks and say that is a 'prerequisite for success'. Well there has been many patterns of success - stories of which I hear claiming triumph because they did this and that at the right time. But will it work for everybody? And just to inform you, ideas don't come in a pattern, most of the time ideas that made billions of hard cash came at an unexpected time at an unexpected place.

Well first of all I am happy for these people who dedicated their lives to rhythm and were handsomely rewarded. But how about those who didn't? They could have done better. I just don't think that regularity is everything in this world. Sure it keeps me from straying too far from being disorganized but I rarely let it hinder my spontaneity. I'm just disappointed in most of the time when regularity limits creativity; how society inappropriately censures randomness.

Let me share with you a 10:41 minute clip of a video of a strict society wherein stepping out of line holds great consequence for a preprogrammed humanoid, Bartholomew 467. Just to help you have a better grasp on what I mean.

This indie clip was directed by Destin Daniel Cretton and is owned by Movieola.

Well it's not about being a non-conformist. Whatever works for you is fine. But never forget that other things might work for you as well. Don't be afraid to rock the boat just because everything is secure at the moment. Open your mind to more possibilities so that you can weigh more options. Broaden your perspectives. And as long as you can balance between everything, you will do great.

P.S. Thanks a lot to the two people who have helped me stir this post up. Now, that was something unexpected...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

6 Lovely Nest, Eh?

Not all nests are lovely. Last night, I decided to expand my horizons by visiting linked blogsites I have never visited before and in the way, make a friend or two. 

However I stumbled upon a blog of a lady (minus the lady manners) which I should never have. I left a message on her chat box (Basing from the title of her blog) asking: "What makes her nest lovely."  Just for an icebreaker instead of the usual: "bloghopping," "was here," "Hi Visiting Here," and so on and so forth. Well, after about an hour or two, she blurted out on my chat box saying that: "What do you care if my nest is lovely? seems like you are interrogating me. Well thanks anyway but I don't need to answer your que." 

I think that the moderator of this blog is outright rude. Don't let the girly-feel of this blog deceive you. She's one whacked-up lady (again, minus the lady manners). First and foremost, the title of your blog is your eye-catcher (every blogger should know this) and if you don't want anybody to notice it and ask about it then don't name your blog. 
Second, Don't jump to conclusions. It's impolite to demean a phrase or a statement basing from uncertain presumptions; "seem/s" is not good enough to give color to a statement. Can you imagine? Among the infinite possibilities of  interpretation to a brief question such as that, she chose one that involved me "interrogating" her. That's paranoia woman, you ought to have your annual psychiatric check-up. Maybe you need a new prescription. Just a piece of advice, don't listen to the voices until you see your shrink (or better yet never listen to them at all).

It is of her own shortcoming of course that she is cynical. Well, I am just a little shaken-up since this is the first time I encountered a crazy scenario here in blogger. Please excuse me readers. By the way, as an advocate of good education, girl, your spelling of "que" is wrong. It's supposed to be queue. I'm wondering too about how you managed to ill-fittedly use that word in your reply. Gee, you need to polish your manners, grammar, and spelling now. That I believe will take a very long, long time in your case.

What do you think people? Anybody want to share their insight about this lady (for the last time, minus the lady manners)? Can you guess who she is? Or do you think that I am at fault? 

3 I AM Nurse

I guess everybody's aware that there has been a sharp increase in the number of nurses lately. Let's be honest, not all of these nurses really took up this degree because of passion for the healing arts or solemn desire to help those in dire need rather almost all of these nurses are seeking greener pastures overseas. It seems like everybody's forgetting the essential reason for a nurse's existence.

I am a nurse and it took me four years to learn its discipline. Though with those years, came a realization that nursing is no one-way ticket to a pot-of-gold. I know now at the very least that it is a job jam-packed with many troubles such as countless professional setbacks, extremely irregular shifts, hazardous environments, and emotional wormholes. Thus, being a nurse is not anywhere near being a joke.

We nurses with all our humanly capacity are the world's partners in health and wellness. We are the stewards of your health; there will always be a part in any person's life when a nurse has reached over his or her helping hands. Being the backbone of health provision, anybody who looks down on us is ungrateful and is unaware of the numerous services we provide to humanity. Most of us nurses take pride with our chosen career and I am one of them - I am not 'just' a nurse, I AM a nurse!

Despite of our unending drive to help society, I have heard (and still hear) of many unchecked and careless remarks about us like (of which is famous) nurses are just doctor's handmaids. To these uneducated people, medicine and nursing are just different branches of the same field- healthcare. Doctors diagnose and prescribe. Nurses heal and care. That's fundamentally true from actual testimonials of people from both fields.

It greatly dissapoints me that not every nurse can well defend the very same cloth that I wear. For people to demean my work is like cut to me and my fellow nurses' hearts. Though unfortunate events may seem, being a member of liberal arts in the field of health care and as a socially responsible individual, I will continue to be a part of our voice in health advocacy, public safety, ethics, politics, crime, and religion. Such heavy burden for us to bear to fight for society's well-being... Well, what can I say? A nurse's got to do what a nurse's got to do. I hope you, may you be a nurse or not, join me to help form a better world for tomorrow.
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