Tuesday, June 1, 2010

3 I AM Nurse

I guess everybody's aware that there has been a sharp increase in the number of nurses lately. Let's be honest, not all of these nurses really took up this degree because of passion for the healing arts or solemn desire to help those in dire need rather almost all of these nurses are seeking greener pastures overseas. It seems like everybody's forgetting the essential reason for a nurse's existence.

I am a nurse and it took me four years to learn its discipline. Though with those years, came a realization that nursing is no one-way ticket to a pot-of-gold. I know now at the very least that it is a job jam-packed with many troubles such as countless professional setbacks, extremely irregular shifts, hazardous environments, and emotional wormholes. Thus, being a nurse is not anywhere near being a joke.

We nurses with all our humanly capacity are the world's partners in health and wellness. We are the stewards of your health; there will always be a part in any person's life when a nurse has reached over his or her helping hands. Being the backbone of health provision, anybody who looks down on us is ungrateful and is unaware of the numerous services we provide to humanity. Most of us nurses take pride with our chosen career and I am one of them - I am not 'just' a nurse, I AM a nurse!

Despite of our unending drive to help society, I have heard (and still hear) of many unchecked and careless remarks about us like (of which is famous) nurses are just doctor's handmaids. To these uneducated people, medicine and nursing are just different branches of the same field- healthcare. Doctors diagnose and prescribe. Nurses heal and care. That's fundamentally true from actual testimonials of people from both fields.

It greatly dissapoints me that not every nurse can well defend the very same cloth that I wear. For people to demean my work is like cut to me and my fellow nurses' hearts. Though unfortunate events may seem, being a member of liberal arts in the field of health care and as a socially responsible individual, I will continue to be a part of our voice in health advocacy, public safety, ethics, politics, crime, and religion. Such heavy burden for us to bear to fight for society's well-being... Well, what can I say? A nurse's got to do what a nurse's got to do. I hope you, may you be a nurse or not, join me to help form a better world for tomorrow.

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Sasarai said...

Well, that's one thing that I also hate, this time on engineers. Like nurses, engineers have a darker feel. When engineering is mentioned, they back off because they do not appreciate the fundamentals of it, Math. As with nursing, you're focused with healthcare, while us engineers are focused with systems. Could that type of people be called idiots? Who knows.

Well, I liked your post! An interesting one actually! ^_^

devil_under_light said...

Hehe. Thanks. More power to you, Sasarai, my friend.

Mharliz said...

Nursing is not just a profession ..
It's a vocation!