Wednesday, June 30, 2010

7 Vocabulary Sessions

Fugly (fŭgˈlē) - one who is fat and ugly.

"I have surmised that if you're fat.. or ugly.. or both- you have to be nice to other people. Because let's be honest, how else are you gonna attract people to you?"

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J said...

ano ba! bumusina ka naman. Chos!

J said...

I meant bumusina ka naman sa post mo... nakakasagasa ka. Chos! Ahehehe. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

devil_under_light said...

shocking truths ate J eh, kahit ako minsan, nasasaktan..

NoBenta said...

waahhh....buti nalang hindi applicable sakin yan. what's the word for slim and handsome (at medyo conceited)? \m/

goyo said...

awts! tinamaan...hindi ako. SILA! lols. =))

rkudoz said...

sakto! parang jejemon..xD

kikilabotz said...

hmmm..tamang tama mukhang malapit na ang biggest loser ipalabas sa pilipinas. hehe

bago me here... hoping to read some post from you again

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