Tuesday, June 8, 2010

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Has your life been under routine this entire time? Probably yes. This is because most of us believe in regularity. Most of us were taught that regularity is good; we lived by it; we thought it is better than ideal. It makes us feel that time can be tamed for most of the part. Regularity is what makes the world 'even' as much as possible. This world is overrun by regularity and that fact will last forever.

Many people thought that they have succeeded in their lives because they followed a specific pattern. A pattern in which everybody thinks and say that is a 'prerequisite for success'. Well there has been many patterns of success - stories of which I hear claiming triumph because they did this and that at the right time. But will it work for everybody? And just to inform you, ideas don't come in a pattern, most of the time ideas that made billions of hard cash came at an unexpected time at an unexpected place.

Well first of all I am happy for these people who dedicated their lives to rhythm and were handsomely rewarded. But how about those who didn't? They could have done better. I just don't think that regularity is everything in this world. Sure it keeps me from straying too far from being disorganized but I rarely let it hinder my spontaneity. I'm just disappointed in most of the time when regularity limits creativity; how society inappropriately censures randomness.

Let me share with you a 10:41 minute clip of a video of a strict society wherein stepping out of line holds great consequence for a preprogrammed humanoid, Bartholomew 467. Just to help you have a better grasp on what I mean.

This indie clip was directed by Destin Daniel Cretton and is owned by Movieola.

Well it's not about being a non-conformist. Whatever works for you is fine. But never forget that other things might work for you as well. Don't be afraid to rock the boat just because everything is secure at the moment. Open your mind to more possibilities so that you can weigh more options. Broaden your perspectives. And as long as you can balance between everything, you will do great.

P.S. Thanks a lot to the two people who have helped me stir this post up. Now, that was something unexpected...

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