Tuesday, June 1, 2010

6 Lovely Nest, Eh?

Not all nests are lovely. Last night, I decided to expand my horizons by visiting linked blogsites I have never visited before and in the way, make a friend or two. 

However I stumbled upon a blog of a lady (minus the lady manners) which I should never have. I left a message on her chat box (Basing from the title of her blog) asking: "What makes her nest lovely."  Just for an icebreaker instead of the usual: "bloghopping," "was here," "Hi Visiting Here," and so on and so forth. Well, after about an hour or two, she blurted out on my chat box saying that: "What do you care if my nest is lovely? seems like you are interrogating me. Well thanks anyway but I don't need to answer your que." 

I think that the moderator of this blog is outright rude. Don't let the girly-feel of this blog deceive you. She's one whacked-up lady (again, minus the lady manners). First and foremost, the title of your blog is your eye-catcher (every blogger should know this) and if you don't want anybody to notice it and ask about it then don't name your blog. 
Second, Don't jump to conclusions. It's impolite to demean a phrase or a statement basing from uncertain presumptions; "seem/s" is not good enough to give color to a statement. Can you imagine? Among the infinite possibilities of  interpretation to a brief question such as that, she chose one that involved me "interrogating" her. That's paranoia woman, you ought to have your annual psychiatric check-up. Maybe you need a new prescription. Just a piece of advice, don't listen to the voices until you see your shrink (or better yet never listen to them at all).

It is of her own shortcoming of course that she is cynical. Well, I am just a little shaken-up since this is the first time I encountered a crazy scenario here in blogger. Please excuse me readers. By the way, as an advocate of good education, girl, your spelling of "que" is wrong. It's supposed to be queue. I'm wondering too about how you managed to ill-fittedly use that word in your reply. Gee, you need to polish your manners, grammar, and spelling now. That I believe will take a very long, long time in your case.

What do you think people? Anybody want to share their insight about this lady (for the last time, minus the lady manners)? Can you guess who she is? Or do you think that I am at fault? 

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Em said...

ohh no way! haha that's funny! what's her beef? SOMEONE give this woman a chill pill ;)

devil_under_light said...

She needs to overdose on that "chill pill" friend. =)

Em said...

now, I'm really curious about this cool headed lady.

Limberella said...

hi..she's indeed horrible...she seems disturb or something..anyway, dropping by..=)

Fun and Fearless said...

Maybe she thought you were asking her why she considers her own nest lovely. She must must have chickened out to give her standards.

Good thing I was able to restrain myself to become belligerent whenever someone asked me why I named my blog as such. Or why the hell I chose this username. ^_^

Wait. Maybe she only has limited characters in her chatbox and "que" was a corrupted "question".

devil_under_light said...

@Limberella she doesn't "seem" disturbed; she "is" disturbed. haha (=

@Fun and Fearless: she felt pressured? aww, i feel sorry for her.

Good thing I didn't ask you then. Haha.

Maybe yes, maybe not. Who knows? (=

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