Friday, May 28, 2010

3 Lost Verses on Fear

I have always been here beside you
...close together, you and I
Your partner in success and failure
...your enemy and your friend

When you were trapped in idiocy
...I was always there to bail you out
I always take care of you
...Because of me, you will not be lost

I give meaning to your hopes
...Your mystery. Tension. Pain.
I am a part of your wisdom
...the fruit of your ignorance

I am the only tamer of your pride
...The salvation of your flesh and soul
The father respect and reverence
...The flourishing breath of humility

Bearer beware, I cannot be vanquished, conquered, or controlled; I am a mark of your manhood.

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Mharliz said...

Two thumbs up ^^

Sasarai said...

Nice! =)) It's all about fear.

suhaisweet said...

Nice...i got latest too, nice too Nice Lorr

Lost Verses on Fear ~ SHOCKING TRUTHS