Saturday, May 15, 2010

1 What Makes You a Human?

Nowadays it is uncommon for one to think about a seemingly naive question like this and I don't think anybody really cares anymore. It seems that for almost everybody, this question has been solved before even though it hasn't really been. It is funny to think that man's curiosity towards himself dissipates as abrupt as it blooms. Questions like this aren't really given much attention until one has spare time and I can accurately say that there are many people out there who die without even thinking or questioning their humanity; rather depressing if you ask me. You can see for yourself and try asking people this question and I bet that most will beg for a time to think about it, others will brush it off, but a great deal of them will try to make you sound crazy.

So, what makes you human? Ok, I'll give you a minute...

Comments :

Sasarai said...

Probably, this question also made me confused a lot. Naitanong ko na rin kasi ito sa sarili ko, and I'm coming up with vague answers. Medyo weird kasi eh. Magulo minsan.

What Makes You a Human? ~ SHOCKING TRUTHS