Friday, March 4, 2011

6 Boundaries

People who keep crusading their beliefs on others like it’s some sort of A-grade heroism are really (very) irksome. Beliefs toward the superstition should be, in every respect, a personal choice; and it’s very disrespectful and distasteful to trespass this very personal boundary.

The Sermon on the Mount by Carl Heinrich Bloch.

If you are one of these people, please stop being selfish and show respect; and stop this insensitive, zealotry and partisanship for it is really offensive- particularly to others with contrasting beliefs. A change of heart almost never happens anyway, especially if the person being preached to, obviously, does not want to be pacified. So what’s the point?

It is also ubiquitously lackluster for one to perturbably preach when he himself doesn’t really try to live a holy life every day. Thinking that your belief is a moral standard and that it needs to be spread to others is equally unevolved and preposterous as well.

So far, as a democratic society, I think that the practice of free religion is one of our most abused state civics. But please be reminded that we are a secular country and we DO NOT have a state religion. Never had. Never will. Period.

The moral lesson here is…

People should ask themselves first: how they would feel if other people tried to force foreign beliefs on them, before they start mindlessly doling out unsolicited and completely irrelevant information to an uninterested party. The times are different and you are not Jesus; most of us appreciate the passion but we just don’t give a rat’s ass.

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uno said...

ang importante you have faith

Bleachigo said...

Indi bali, tama ka jan Aris dahil si St. Paul mismo ang nag-sabi na huwag hamakin ang mahihina ang pananampalataya. At mag-ingat ang isa kung siya ang magiging dahilan ng pagkakasala ng kanyang kapwa. Nice pic nga pala, simula sa sermon ni Jesus Christ sa bundok, puro thought provoking na ang kanyang message. Iba talga ang wisdom ng isang God.

tim said...

Wow, write so well man.. Awesome.. Having faith is freedom. And it is always said, walk your talk..

ais said...

kuya uno: being faithful is.

arvin: yes, the painting is a picturesque depiction of christ. i think he wasn't a Caucasian though.

tim: thank you for visiting and leaving a nice compliment.

Bleachigo said...

Why do you think Jesus is not a Caucasian?

Emmaleigh said...

some people just can't leave other people's beliefs, alone.