Monday, May 23, 2011

0 Pressuring, Menacing, Lying, Terrorizing, and Name-Calling

Spread the good word! Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), is finally getting their sorry asses out of Reproductive Health Bill’s way, saying that “there’s no reason to further undertake a serious study/dialogue in House Bill 4244 with the administration as proposed by President Aquino himself.”

RH Bill advocates, don’t rejoice just yet however, because CBCP, writhing at the pangs of desperation is now threatening to withdraw support to the Aquino administration should it continue sanctioning the RH Bill.

CBCP claims that the provisions of the said bill are trying to “establish a mindset and a value-system that are secularist, materialistic, individualistic and hedonistic in the guise of development and modernity.” Jo Imbong, CBCP’s lawyer, also told in a recent ANC interview that “besides mass actions against the administration’s agenda, there’s also a legal action to be taken in the event of a passage.”

Now, for the commentary section…

Pressuring. Is it right for CBCP to force the Aquino administration to withdraw its stance and support on the RH bill?
Menacing. Is it right for CBCP to stand in the way of legislators, to defend THEIR “moral codes,” at the expense of our national development?
Lying. Is is right for CBCP to manipulate the truth behind the statistics concerning the RH Bill and mislead the public?
Terrorizing. Is it right for CBCP to resort to using scare tactics on their own people of a “possible” excommunication for advocating change for the better?
Name-calling. On what grounds does the CBCP have the right to judge and attack anybody who expresses a different opinion regarding an issue?

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