Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dealing with Aggression (Part I)

This is a two-part essay. Help me and let your voices end the conclusion of this post by commenting questions, suggestions, and yes,  even violent reactions.  Like Fun and Fearless said from, "Comments of whatever kind are all welcome." Don't worry I will appropriately cite your sites on my next post.
Aggression is a fairly common challenge we all have to deal with. From a kid who gets bullied in grade school to an office-man who gets scolded by his boss, there will always be a space for aggression. Becoming successful during these days require a lot more than ambition, guts, perseverance, and wits. One must also be able to deal effectively with aggression towards him (and vice versa). 

Dealing with aggression is more than a flow or resist option; as a result from the years of evolution in reasoning, civilly managing aggression has become the most preferable way of settling misunderstandings. But even though most of us know how to act in certain situations, most of the time our emotions get the best of us. Meaning, we become too emotional -disabling us to solve disputes objectively.

There are plenty of triggers of aggressive behaviors (anger, frustration, shame) but however varied those triggers are, there is only a single underlying factor for aggressive behaviors, and that is a threat to survival. Survival is the fulfillment of a person's needs (physiological, safety, love and belongingness, esteem, and self-actualization). So whenever a person demonstrates aggression, it is almost always that the person feels threatened. 

Effectively dealing with aggression is easy to say and understand. The hard part is doing it. Especially if aggression has escalated to hostility in either or both parties. A person who is infuriated and on a 'cursing/swearing fit' will probably not listen to your explanations however valid they are. So in these cases what should one do?

Dealing with Aggression (Part I) ~ SHOCKING TRUTHS