Tuesday, June 15, 2010

14 Manila Tour, My Post Philippines Independence Day Post

"Huwag maging dayuhan sa sariling bansa."

Let me guide you to the streets of Manila. Over to your left is... Uhhh... Probably... Yep, the DIY (Do It Yourself) replica of  Malacanang Palace. Take your time and gaze upon these magnificent architectural wonders:

Heat is building up! This on the other hand, is a rare spectacle. You are very blessed to witness the "askal," the pet/livestock of the typical Filipino household, consummating in perfect form. Observe and reflect.

"Tangkilikin ang sariling atin." A hearsay which means patronize our own products. The fishball is truly Filipino cuisine's own pride and joy. Aside from being insanely affordable, it is very accessible. And it also comes with a free unlimited sauce, yum!

Multimedia Fan? Then the DVD shopping district in Arlegui, Quiapo will be a haven for you. They've almost got every title in the world there is- from children's programs to Hollywood action to erotica; This place will never fail to amuse you.

Goverment warning: Piracy is a crime. Not in the Philippines! Ha ha.

If 7 eleven and Ministop won't sell cigarettes and liquor to little children, these Sari-Sari stores would. AND THANK GOD FOR THIS SARI-SARI STORES, I didn't have to wait until 18 to buy my first Ginebra (Beer). They sell rugby too, supposedly intended for gluing things together. Supposedly.

There are plenty more neat stuff I would like to show you, however I need to cut our trip short because I need to dream about a hot babe making love to me now.

I have stolen these beautiful pictures from different websites. God bless.

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Em said...

And it also comes with a free unlimited sauce, yumM! -- and other people's saliva too lol!

Mervin said...

nice post...

anthony said...

may askal din kaya sa US particularly sa new york :P

Elizabeth Catura said...
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devil_under_light said...

@Em: Ew. That happens?? Hahaha.

@Mervs: Ty bro. (=

@Anthy: Stray dogs get impounded in the States right? Am I wrong?

@Yza: Hoy. Sabihin mo na dali. Mahilig ako sa away. Nakaka excite naman oh..

mattscradle said...

like the post. Especially the fishball part. Tagal na din ako hindi nakakakain ng fishball.Safari Animals in EDSA

jAkE said...

Pare, ang kulit ng post mo.. nag-enjoy akong basahin.. haha.. ang init talaga sa pinas.. doggy doggy.. beep beep.. hehe

mattscradle said...

Nakakalungkot dito sa Manila when I see those rivers na napaka dumi. Nacocompare ko tuloy ito sa Subic. Kasi ang linis almost every block has an issued trashbin.

J said...

Yung fishball dito ay lasang isda talaga... hindi katulad ng fishball sa Pinas na parang harina lang. Pero bakit mas gusto ko pa rin yung lasang harinang fishball! Waaaahhh!

stevevhan said...

hahaha, natatawa talga ko dun sa post mo especially the malacañang replica and the askals!lols.

Very Filipino!. Pag hindi ka pinoy hindi mo maiintindihan ang post na to!:)

goyo said...

sakto ang name ng blog mo sa mga post mo.lalo sa isang to.

nice post.nice blog. Thanks nga po pala sa pagdalaw sa blog ko. Kung ayos lang e, maging magkaibigan tayo dito sa blogosperyo.. Simulan natin sa simpleng xlinks at pagfollow sa isat isa. Ingats! :D

Tart_Tanilya said...

nice one...very shocking truth talaga. =)

journeyingjames said...

cool and interesting blog you have here huh! thanks for the visit

Anonymous said...

mabuting simulan

Manila Tour, My Post Philippines Independence Day Post ~ SHOCKING TRUTHS