Monday, September 6, 2010

Conditional Superpowers

Imagined you were something supernatural? Well dig in!

1. Teleportation
  • teleportation, type a: you can never use it when you need it
  • teleportation, type b: you can only teleport to a single place (which is Smokey Mountain) and you become trapped there for three years naked
  • teleportation, type c: you can teleport but you'll go back immediately to the place you where before in 2 seconds and you can never use it to avoid getting hurt in general
  • teleportation, type d: you can only teleport to any place you wish if and only if you stop your heart for 3 whole minutes -no more, no less 
2. Morph
  • morph, type a: you can morph into anyone anytime anywhere but for the duration of your morph, your genitals will be on your forehead
  • morph, type b: you can morph only when you are dancing "nobody,nobody," if you stop dancing, you revert back to your previous self
  • morph, type c: you can morph but you become blind and invisible almost istantaneously at the same time you morph. you gain vision and substance when you turn back to your old self
  • morph, type d: you can morph but while in morphed form, you age 100 times faster than a normal human 
3. Laser beam
  • beam, type a: your laser beam can only damage anything that is a part of your body excluding fingerprints
  • beam, type b: you can shoot laser beams out of your fingers if you spill 100% concentrated HCl onto your fingers. You can fire the lasers as long as you have your fingers
  • beam, type c: it only triggers when you sleep 
4: Linguistics
  • linguistics, type a: you can only talk to an animal that is 1,000,000,000 kilometers away from you and any telecommunication device you touch explodes on sight and contact
  • linguistics, type b: you know all of the scripts and language of the world. but you become deaf and mute... and oh, paralyzed
Conditional Superpowers ~ SHOCKING TRUTHS