Thursday, September 16, 2010

LRT and the Pocketful of Fat Swines

No, LRT is not a new chronicle like Harry Potter. LRT is the congregation of massive trains atop the giant pillar-supported railways in the middle of our highways. We ALL know how LRT operates so there's your brief introduction.

LRT is supposed to be the answer to our transportation troubles. It's fast and should cut several minutes off our commute periods. It's partially subsidized by the government therefore it is very economical especially if you're travelling long distances. It's... crowded!!! One of the biggest thing anybody should try to understand that LRT is very popular for commuters thus, it is usually crammed with lots of people and with a special consideration when it is a rush hour.

However, some people miraculously overlook this common super hardcore fact and on one busy morning (when people were almost literally ass cheek-to-cheek), two of them happened to have fallen in line at a ticket vending machine behind me. As I had flipped my bag to my side to get some coins, my bag hit the people behind me. Well I guess nobody minds a small thing like that. Oh please, there is a slim chance that my bag wouldn't hit anybody anyway.

Afterwards, two people (two fugly bitches) suddenly outraged about being hit with my bag and sermoned me out loud to watch where my bag is going. To my disappointment I immediately rebutted with an eye-opener that it is crowded and that things like that happen because it is a public place. But you know what? These fuglies just won't give it up and refuted that "I better be careful." Quickly sensing a threat, I asked them what their problem is, and just as stupid as they were before, told me that their problem is me and my bag. Not being able to control my anger anymore, I yelled at them and said that: "If the two of you  weren't that fat and occupying that much space, I wouldn't have hit you in the first place so shut the fuck up!" They were clearly outraged and with disdain, they desperately appealed to the onlookers and screamed that I was a fag for taking them on. After their consolatory groundless remarks, I just thought that I ought to leave them a little remembrance and left with my extra special giant middle finger stuck in the air. Boom Boom Pow! (Pahiram ng expression, Love)
LRT and the Pocketful of Fat Swines ~ SHOCKING TRUTHS