Saturday, February 5, 2011

0 (you) - (common sense) = accident

I have just finished an eight hour accident prevention seminar and do you know I can summarize everything that I have learned in eight hours into two words? You heard that right, into two words: common sense.

Forgetting one's common sense always entails danger not only to the person but to others as well. Just a little misinterpretation of a scenario; just a little complacency and loss of awareness; Just a little bit of risky behavior; Just a little bit unfavorable condition and you can have your early rest or early pain and suffering.

I remember seeing a little boy (about 4 years old) in a pediatric emergency room writhing in pain from severe burns all over his body starting from his nose and cheeks down to his feet. His mother claims that he had been scalded by boiling hot "Lucky Me" noodles. How ironic since he wasn't very "Lucky..." I really wanted to stab the mother's eye with a pen or anything sharp to blind and spare her from seeing her son's agony as a result of her imprudence and irresponsibility. This COULD HAVE easily been prevented but all thanks to his mother's lack of common sense, he will suffer for a very, very long time.

Different accidents happen at different times to different people (perhaps the same) all the time but there is another common denominator to all of these and that factor is the blame. Yes, people will find ways on how to minimize the guilt of letting an accident happen when it could have been prevented. Therefore, a person will either act persecutory, defensive, or apologetic amidst an accident. Let's face it, people do nasty things when threatened. But the point is, the damage has been done and most of the time, can't be made up for.

I have had many accidents too and I more than admit that all of it are the direct results of lapses in common sense either between me or someone else. Yes, I had life-threatening accidents before too and I am fortunate that none of them claimed my life. Just a reminder that accidents may happen infrequently but when they do, they kill anyone if certain criteria are met regardless of sex, age, race, OR religion. NOTHING can save you from an untimely death or dismemberment if you haven't been careful.

Preparation and foresight. These are the things necessary to prevent an accident and to lessen the repercussions if an accident is force majuere or an "act of God." Of course never run out of common sense (a sense not-so-common nowadays) and in the event an accident does happen, forget blaming yourself, blaming others, or avoiding blame. The most important thing to do after an accident is to establish a quick remedy, enforce a follow-up plan, and most importantly learn from the experience.

How about you? Would you rather learn from an accident first-hand before taking any precautions?

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