Friday, February 11, 2011

3 Is Pop Culture Evil?

Living in the world is becoming more and more demanding and the sole reason for that is the evil pop culture. We are like being forced to obey to public preference rather than making an individual statement or personality and whoever violates conformity is suppressed. In fact, the sense of socially identifying oneself nowadays in itself has been greatly imbibed with pop culture topped with marginal profiteering to boot.

Pop culture is all about human herding behavior and bandwagon effect. Agreeable definitions of intangible things such as love and friendship. The suitable emotion and the best decorum during certain situations have predominant standards. Any deviation from the standard doctrine incites moral panic and confusion.

People care about what Sally thinks or what Sam says, or should I say that we were taught to care about what others think of us. People are social beings and however we deny it, we all fear rejection. From time to time, there will always be people who will challenge social stigmas and I admire these people for their bravery and conviction. But take note that I am aware that not all radicals are of benefit to the society in my context.

In the end whether we like it or not, the ideal lifestyle has been predetermined for all of us and we will always  have a limited control on the course of our lives. That's just the way it is.  The worst part is the popular identity is what everybody should be but isn't something everybody can achieve and that makes the world an unhappier place and exactly the reason why pop culture in most respect is truly unfair.

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khantotantra said...

it depends on the person whether he/she will join what is 'in'.

Arvin said...

I love this post of yours. This post affirms the truth that whatever the majority said, will not the basis of the truth value. For example, many enjoys HSOTD but it does not follow that it has a good story.

ais said...

@khantotantra: does it really depend on us? can our individuality speak louder than our moral virtues?

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