Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I’m Back~!!! I Won't Say "From the Dead!" Screw You!!!

Hello! I’m back from months-long hiatus. Actually, it wasn’t hiatus, I just felt I wasn’t reaching many and to a blogger, not being listened to is ultimately equal to his death. I am just not sure how to explain others who keep blogging and blogging even though they’re not reaching any audience.

“So, why the eff did you come back” you ask?

Well just when I was about to delete this blog permanently, I took a quick look in my comments section and I was surprised to have received an email claiming how amazing my blog is and another claiming how I saved his ass from his college assignment. I was indeed very flattered. In fact, so flattered that I decided to resurrect my blog from its death and give it a second chance! In other words, in addition to all the stuff that I wrote here in which I intended to blatantly point out a truth (in which I offended some people) and/or make somebody laugh, I helped somebody. And in the end, that’s what really matters right?

I’m Back~!!! I Won't Say "From the Dead!" Screw You!!! ~ SHOCKING TRUTHS