Tuesday, February 8, 2011

1 The Poisoned Apple?

If you were for example famished and were offered the tastiest and most heavenly apple in the world by a seemingly innocent little girl in a hood and a concerned by-passer would warn you that it has been laced with lethal poison would you still eat the apple? Probably not. Who would eat anything that is suspiciously insidious anyway? But most certainly you'll consider eating it, since it's the best God damn apple in the world anyway.

You would not know if the apple has been poisoned or not if you don't let somebody try it first. Therefore, having an insight on the apple's edibility depends on the person who's going to try it unless you want to try it for yourself.

The dilemma is, every person reacts differently to everything whether it be a poison or a sweet candy. So how would you know if the poison would have any effect on you if it was indeed poisoned? Would you rather pass and forfeit the probably once in a lifetime opportunity of eating the best apple in the world out of fear of being poisoned when it's probably not?

How can you be sure if the by-passer is telling the truth or just planning to salvage the apple and hog it all to himself? Of course, we shouldn't skip being skeptical of the motive of the by-passer for warning. Perhaps, the by-passer was just afraid of trying the apple or just afraid of letting you experience the pleasures the apple will give if in case it wasn't poisoned after all. 

How can anybody presume certainty about a thing or an experience of being unpleasurable from endorsements or other people's opinion?

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